The Spiritual Companioning 

Mentorship Program

With Tamala Ridge






Soul Connection Mentoring

With Tamala Ridge

From  Soul Seeking Space Holder  to 

Spiritually Aligned Professional  in 6 months 

With Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Guide Tamala Ridge


1. Bring the spiritual dimension into your life on every level: energetically, emotionally, physically and to all areas where you are “of Service” – family, friends and clients

2. Connect on a much deeper and intimate level with who you really are and what you have been put on this earth to do so that you can take your life and soul’s purpose seriously AND receive clear guidance every step of the way

3. Excavate the parts of your shadow that are holding you back and preventing you from being of service to your highest potential.

4. Step out of the shadows and into the love, connection and abundance that you truly desire, so that you can ENJOY the journey of your awakening

5. Learn and implement powerful tools for spiritual transformation and then add them to your sacred tool-box to support the up-levelling of your clients…







your fear, resistance and blocks







your fear, resistance and blocks

You will learn:

  • How to transform your fear, resistance and blocks into loving and aligned action
  • How to bring the sacred and the spiritual into your family and your work in a way that suits you, your business & your clients
  • EFT Tapping techniques and theory
  • Mindfulness training
  • Sacred space holding techniques
  • A direct pathway to your salvation through the ‘Virtues Project’
  • Prayer & Manifesting
  • Spiritual Companioning
  • How to discern between your fear & intuition
  • How to turn your creative downloads into action and success

What's included

4 Private 1:1 sessions - 1 with me and 3 with a Practitioner in training

These sessions will be tailored individually to suit your needs either for your own personal and spiritual development and/or for your professional development

12 Masterclasses & Workshops

These masterclasses and workshops will explore Mindfulness, Tapping, Virtue Communion,  Spiritual Companioning & Increasing Your Intuition

5 Communion Circles

Here will put our theory into practice – we will come together and practice our mindful meditation as well as my offering of “Communion” to you all. Communion through the embodiment of a different Virtue every month. We will use particular meditative practices to elicit the feelings and sensations of each virtue from within – here we will truly commune with the divine.

5 Group Tapping Circles

TTapping in a group is extremely powerful and transformative. Again we will put theory into practice and each month will be an up-levelling on a particular fear or resistance

Access to a private FB group

for peer support, connection and sharing. I will be present on a daily basis to answer questions and offer support. This can be where most of the magic happens – it is in our connection with each other that we realise we are not alone and it is in our sharing that we can learn the most.

Qualifications in EFT (Tapping)

Become qualified in Level 1 and 2 Inspired EFT which is insurable with the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.



And these bonuses


1. FREE access the Space Holder's Sanctuary

A monthly membership designed to Support you to:

RECHARGE your Vitality and Magnetism

RELEASE addictions and self-sabotaging behaviours

REALIGN with your Divine Wisdom and Intuition

 The Sanctuary will offer 2 x 7 day physical detoxes, designed to clear all that which stands in the way of your deep subconscious clearing and ultimate success.


2. Opportunity to be a Guest Presenter in the next round of the Space Holder's Sanctuary


3. Access to me via Private FB Message Mon – Fri. 



The Spiritual Companioning Mentorship Program

Masterclasses & Workshops


taking Mindfulness to a deeper level into every moment of every day – this will become your new default setting and you will learn how to teach it to others…


we will dive deeper into the theory, use and magical transformation that tapping provides. You will become a tapping machine by the end of the 6 months and I will also teach you how to use it with your clients…

The Virtues Project

there is so much more to the Virtues than meets the eye. Allow me to offer you “Virtue Communion” these are our direct pathway to God and to our salvation – Learn how to incorporate the Virtues more deeply into you own life and how to use them with your family and Clients

Prayer and Manifesting

learn the sacred techniques of Prayer, how to converse with God and manifest the abundance, success and love that your soul truly desires and deserves. Learn how to call in and magnetise clients who resonate with your message and healing…

Spiritual Companioning

learn how to hold divine and sacred space for yourself, your family AND your clients… this involves deep internal work and it is a skill that can be learnt but is often not taught from a holy and reverent perspective…

Learn how to increase your own intuition

Learn how to decipher between your fear and your intuition. How to open up to your own divine wisdom so that you can follow your own clear and direct pathway straight to heaven. Learn how to put knowing into action.

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